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Welcome to the next generation of the Barque Hill website. This is a new blog area which yours truly will endeavor to keep both interesting and informative when and as the mood strikes…hope you will too.

For now I will call my scribbles

The Neighbourly News

1. Holiday Greetings from your Board… We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Lots of goings on, rumors are flying that folks want to go out caroling or is that Carol wants to go out folk dancing or, well anyway, Have a Happy and a Merry however you plan to spend it.

2. FIOS, really no kidding I am sure by now you think this is never going to happen but fear not dear blogfan, there is hope. Verizon has this project in the works and National Grid hopes to remove those 30 or so ugly, scary extra poles by next spring. When we are able to have service in the neighborhood we are going to be contacted by a Verizon marketing rep to discuss volume pricing under their MDU so again if FIOS is of interest, let us know at

3. Liking the new facelifts? So how do you like the work we have done this fall to improve the look of our entrances? With thanks to Hugh Spurway for driving this project and to all of you for your input, it’s beginning to look a lot nicer as you come and go, whichever way you choose to cruise. Thanks for so many of you taking the time and getting your dues in earlier than ever so we can keep budgeting in these kinds of improvements and ongoing neighborhood beautification efforts.

4. Got Social? A bunch of you have asked how come we did not do a late Fall social…We have been a little tight on the greenery in order to get some more of the real live greenery in place before winter. So, if you missed us all getting together and want to see the Tinker’s Son Spring Fling come back next year, let us know.

That’s it for now. You know the drill by now…call me old fashioned but 20 still seems like plenty.

For your Board, working for you…

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  1. 25 Feb 12

    Hello everyone,

    How are you? Lots of you seem to be away this week with school vacations so selfishly as one of those who was not, thanks for a great commute this week! And welcome home from whatever exotic ports of call you may have found you and yours in this week.

    As I sit here writing this I confess I am trying to figure out if I dare begin doing spring gardening work or need to dial it back down and realize this is just faux-spring – we may yet see a two or three foot snowstorm before the snow blower gets summerized and moved to the back of the garage and the mower comes front and center to take its place. For the record, after last year, works for me if this was the nonwinter of 2011-12. THe yards and roads looks a lot less beat up too. I do like the varied and creative presentation of winter sticks you guys have all deployed as plow blade talismans…Maybe they warded off the snow? Some of you really went after the art form. I was tempted to put some of them up on the web site but cooler heads prevailed. Speaking of web site, how do you like the new WordPress-powered environment. Blogs, easier to maintain and simple to make changes as you want. For now, benign neglect is the watchword of the day. It is an absolute miracle I got it working – John Garvey would agree with me – and since it ain’t broke…That said, got pictures you want to upload or comments to add, bring ’em.

    Couple of Barque Hill and associated news items:

    1. In the “Who Says Timing Isn’t Everything?” Department – We could not have asked for a better first winter to set up our new greenery on Barque Hill and Till Rock entrances, whatddaya think? Huh? Lucky or what? If you have any thoughts about what comes next: more of what we are planting as Phase 2, tree thinning or pruning, masonry work on walls or none of that/leave it alone. (For those of you who know him, feel free to put the Billy Connolly Demands joke track here)

    2. Speaking of spring, if you wanted to get some exercise and at the same time you can do some good, I offered to attach the enclosed flyer for a Bowling Day fund raiser being held on March 25th sponsored by the Church Hillers. Proceeds go to sponsor Norwell education and to adopt families in need at Christmas so your gift is both good for you if your game needs some work and good for those who may not be as lucky in our community and can really use the extra help. I can add that this group is a cross-section of folks like your neighbors here in Barque Hill as well as other very nice people who also live nearby that we might otherwise never meet except at the grocery store, place of worship, town meeting or the dump. Like the folks living here in Barque Hill, I find the Church Hillers to be multi-generational, replete with folks of very interesting backgrounds from all walks of life and experiences and just plain neat to talk with for the greatest part. I have always said we live in a very special place and that’s my story, I’m sticking to it. Worth your time, IMHO.

    3. Lastly, we are almost done heckling you for annual dues…It is the part of this job I am going to miss the least in May when I turn the gavel over to one of my colleagues on the board. We have all but the last two or three of you who typically choose to chip in every year later in the cycle – we both know who you are and as always I at least like being able to call and say hi or to send you a gentle reminder 🙂 – but presuming we hit our 90+ families making their voluntary contribution number again this year, we are in great shape financially, can do a spring fling if you want to – DO YOU? Consider this a motion to vote yes or no – can add more bushes and stuff to the place or pick up the pace of improving the ramp area down at Shipyard Park within the legal confines of the NSRWA Conservation order (yes, that was a CYA statement) or whatever else you want to do before our Annual Picnic this fall.

    Just need to know, roger that? Absent your strong opinion one way or t’other, in keeping with our tradition of shipbuilding that once was the mainstay of life here, the standing orders to the helm continue to be Aye, Cap, beating to weather making way in a seaman-like manner steady on current course heading at best VMG. There’s a google moment for you if stuff like that is of interest. (Hi Bobby. Bet you did not read this one either.)

    As ever, best wishes, and yes 20 is plenty, Mildred. Punch it outside, not in here, please. Our kids will begin popping up just like the crocuses and daffodils, keep an eye out.

    On behalf of your board, working for you…

    Steve Lynch
    156 Brigantine Circle

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