Burning Permits

Open burning is permitted in Norwell from January 15th – May 1st. A free annual permit is required. Permits are issued at this link through a third-party vendor contracted by the Town.


  1. You must register each day you wish to burn.
    • When prompted, enter you ID number.
    • If today is a safe day to burn, you will be issued a permit number good for the day.
  2. Burning must be done at the address listed on the permit.
  3. The burning permit does not release the holder from liability or damages.
  4. Burning shall be brush only, brush generated on the land listed on the permit.
  5. Burning is only allowed on residential parcels of land.
  6. Burning must be done at least 75 feet from any structure.
  7. Burning will not start before 9:00 AM and must be completely out by 4:00 PM.
  8. Water, shovels, rakes or similar equipment must be available to control burning.
  9. Smoke from burning that may constitute a health hazard or a risk to persons with respiratory problems, or a nuisance will result in revocation of the burning permit.
  10. The burning permit may be suspended or revoked by the Norwell Fire Department at any time.
  11. The fire will not be left unattended at any time.
  12. Open air burning is allowed from January 15th – May 1, depending on weather conditions.
  13. Burning will not be allowed to start after 2:00 PM.

Strictly Prohibited:

  1. Burning on dry, windy days, or during periods of dry weather.
  2. Burning on commercial, business or industrial land.
  3. Burning in connection with land clearing.
  4. Burning grass, leaves, rubbish, trash, or any building materials.
  5. Open-air burning permits are issued on the condition that the person conducting the burning is the owner or the owner’s authorized agent.

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