To make sure your voice is heard, we welcome your participation at our Annual Meetings.

Held each May, they are the Barque Hill equivalent of our long-standing New England tradition of government by town meeting.


Although association dues are voluntary, participation from all 107 residents of the neighborhood is critical. Dues are essentially our only income, and are used to pay for:

  • Real estate taxes on our 60 acres of conservation land
  • Maintenance and landscape improvements including lawn mowing, fence and boundary wall repair, etc.
  • Planting flowers
  • Social events, like the ever-popular fall cookout at Shipyard Park
  • Police detail on Halloween
  • Dues are currently set at $200.00 per year – a small price to pay for the many benefits they provide, not the least of which is the maintenance of our property values. Thank you for your continued support!

To see the Dues Reports, please click here.

Expenses and Budgets

Barque Hill Association – Income 2014


The association pays taxes on our 60 acres of conservation land.
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Other Reports

Also see the Communications page for Treasurer’s reports, etc.

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