Home Owners Guide

Below is a transcript of the original 1962 Barque Hill Home Owners Guide. Though much of this information remains accurate and up-to-date, some of it is of course completely out of date – especially in the General Information section – and is included on the website for historical interest only. (E.G., please do not take your trash to the dump on Pine Street – you would be dumping it in Centennial Park…..)


This guide is intended to give Barque Hill home owners information that will be of assistance in building an maintaining a home at Barque Hill.

Norwell Associates created Barque Hill to be compatible with the aesthetic beauty of the countryside and the unique tradition of the town. Several features have been provided to protect the home owner’s investment and to help maintain the character of the Barque Hill environment.

The BARQUE HILL ASSOCIATION, INC., has been established to manage the conservation areas and other common lands reserved for Barque Hill. The Association will be responsible also for maintaining residential design standards by reviewing and approving construction plans and construction for each Barque Hill dwelling.

Protective provisions have been incorporated into each property deed to further enhance the character and marketability of each Barque Hill residence.

The ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STANDARDS sets forth standards for approval of plans and construction of all structures built at Barque Hill. Adoption of these suggestions will materially assist the home builder in creating a residence that will have maximum value.

The GENERAL INFORMATION section is intended to assist the home builder by listing data such as the names and telephone numbers of Norwell Town Officials, permits and approvals required pertaining to residential building based upon the rues and regulations of the town, utility companies, and other pertinent services. Also included is general information of particular interest to the home owner, such as schools, churches, medical facilities, shopping areas, and real estate taxes.


In the early 1620’s Norwell was originally part of the Town of Scituate. The town became a separate community in 1849 and was known as South Scituate. In 1888 the townspeople, desiring to eliminate confusion with the town of the same name in Rhode Island, renamed their town after a prominent summer resident, Henry Norwell. Records indicate that Norwell is the only Town so named in the world.

story of the North River is the story of the rolling countryside of Barque Hill. The River and Barque Hill have a colorful history which extends back into the 1600’s. The settlers used the salt marshes to reap salt hay for cattle forage. Tillable land was scarce, white oak abundant, and soon the settlers turned to the deep-draft North River and shipbuilding. Numerous shipyards flourished along the banks of the winding River in the golden age of enterprising New England seafarers. The vessels built here were known as the “North River” ships.

The “Columbia,” a North River ship, was built at Hobart’s Landing and was the first American-built ship to circumnavigate the Globe. “Columbia” carried the discoverers of the Columbia River in Oregon, from which it was named.

In 1812, the 464-ton “Mount Vernon” was built at the Wanton Yard, known as the river’s largest. Over one thousand ships were launched during the two centuries of shipbuilding. The last vessel to be launched on the North River was the schooner “Helen M.. Foster” in 1871.

Norwell Associates acquired property in 1962 to develop a residential area. Together with Sasaki, Walker and Associates, prominent site planners and landscape architects, a thorough site plan, known as Barque Hill, was developed to be compatible with the unique history and aesthetic beauty of Norwell.

Barque Hill is named in honor of the vessels and the tradition of the North River shipyards, where barques, schooners, brigantines and Gundalows (flat-bottom boats) were constructed.

Shipyard Park, an area reserved for park use, is the site of the Fox Hill Shipyard (1690-1869) which built over fifty-six vessels between 29 and 390 tons. Rainbow Bridge over Third Herring Brook was a shortcut for ship workers going to Fox Hill Yard. Barque Hill Common is the old Mustering Ground used by the settlers as a training ground to fight hostile Indians during King Philip’s War in 1676. During a raid, Rose Cottage, which was rebuilt and stands today, was partially burned. Till Rock Park, overlooking the river, is the site of what is known as the “mystery boulder,” a rock of glacial origin.



To acquire, hold under agreement, convey, lease, maintain, improve, beautify and manage the Roadways, Barque Hill Common, Barque Hill Trail, Shipyard Park, Landing Green, Till Rock Park and Conservation Areas, or any part thereof, all as shown on a plan consisting of sheets numbered 1-16 inclusive and entitled “Barque Hill on the North River,” dated October 19, 1962 by Lewis W. Perkins & Son, Civil Engineers, recorded with Plymouth Deeds, for the mutual use, benefit and enjoyment of the owners and their tenants and guests, of the lots shown on said plan; to acquire, operate, maintain, repair, replace and dispose of any and all types of equipment necessary and appropriate to carry out the foregoing purposes.

To perform any duties and functions assigned or transferred to it by Norwell Associates, Inc., its successors or assigns, such as the approval of plans, specifications and locations of structures to be built on the lots shown on said plan and the enforcement of the restrictions, reservations and agreements imposed thereon.

To make provisions for the conduct and regulations of the affairs of the Corporation, for its voluntary dissolution or for limiting, defining or regulating the powers of the Corporation, or of its directors or members or of any group of members;

In order to pay for the costs of operation and the maintenance or acquisition of any facilities, equipment or property, the Corporation may assess dues and make such other charges with respect to the use of any facilities, equipment or property, and make such rules and regulations relative thereto as it may determine.

The Corporation may, but need not, transfer for or without consideration all or a portion of its property to any city, town, government, governmental district or instrumentaility, subject to the appurtenant rights of others therein.

Upon dissolution of the Corporation, all its property and assets shall be distributed or disposed of for the public good or for the benefit of the inhabitants of Barque Hill and any such transferee or transferees may include any local organization or group and shall be in such manner and to such transferees (including but not limited to transferees that are benevolent or charitable organizations or corporations) at it may determine.

No part of any income or profit shall inure to the benefit or any member of the Corporation, nor shall the Corporation ever engage in the sale of alcoholic beverages.




Section 1.

The name of this corporation shall be: BARQUE HILL ASSOCIATION, INC.

Section 2.

The seal of this corporation shall be in such form as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine, until otherwise decided by said board, said seal shall be circular and there shall appear thereon the name of the association, the year and the state of its incorporation.



Members shall be the persons (the term “persons” shall include individuals, corporations, trustees, and partnerships) who are the owners of any lot of land shown on the plan referred to in the Agreement of Association. Membership thereafter shall follow the record title of the said lot and the transfer of a lot shall transfer the membership and voting rights with respect to such lot without the necessity of any further act on the part of the corporation, but it shall be the duty of each transferor and transferee to notify the corporation of such transfer, and the corporation shall be entitled to rely upon its record in all respects until such notice of transfer has been filed by the transferor and the transferee or either of them.

Each member shall have one and only one vote fore each lot owned by such member.

In the event that a lot is owned by more than one person, or is split, subdivided or mortgaged, the voting power with respect to such lot shall not be reduced or increased thereby but shall be limited to one vote exercised by the unanimous consent of all such persons, who may agree among themselves as to the voting power by appropriately appointed proxies or attorneys. Voting powers shall not be separated from such lands or interest therein, but an owner may give the holder of a valid and bona fide mortgage to secure the payment of money an irrevocable right to vote with respect to any such lot or lots covered by such mortgage so long as such mortgage remains outstanding. The reasonable determination in good faith by the board of directors or by the presiding officer of the meeting or meetings at which members are acting on questions with respect to voting and membership or either, shall be conclusive on all persons.

The corporation may make such rules and regulations, not otherwise provided herein, with respect to stockholders, partners, trustees, trust beneficiaries and all other multiple joint owners who may own said lots as to voting and membership or either, as to the use of the facilities of the corporation and as to the levy of dues, charges and assessments as the corporation reasonably may determine.

Members may vote either in person or by proxy in writing dated not more than thirty days before the meeting named therein, which shall be filed with the secretary of the meeting, or any adjournment thereof, before being voted. Such proxies shall entitle the holders thereof to vote at any adjournment of such meeting but shall not be valid after the final adjournment of such meeting.

Members shall pay such dues, charges and assessments as are determined by the Board of Directors of the Corporation, and such dues, charges and assessments shall not terminate or otherwise affect any liabilities of the member with respect to rights affecting the land or any of it of such member however acquired. Failure of any member to pay such dues, charges and assessments when due shall deprive such member of all voting and office-holding rights, the use of such of the facilities of the corporation as the Board of Directors may determine and further such member if a director, officer or committee member shall be automatically suspended from said office until said payment is made. Any action or decision by the Board of Directors under this paragraph is subject to the approval of Norwell Associates, Inc., so long as said Corporation owns any land or lots shown on the land referred to in the Agreement of Association.

Any person not owning land within the prescribed area hereafter stated may becom a non-resident or honorary member by vote of the Board of Directors. Such non-resident or honorary member shall pay such dues, charges and assessments, and shall have such privileges, but not voting rights, as the Board of Directors may determine.


All meetings of the members shall be held in Massachusetts at such place as is stated in the call or notice.

The annual meeting fo the members shall be held at such hour and place as the board of directors may determine on the second Wednesday in March in each year. Purposes for which an annual meeting is to be held additional to those prescribed by law, by the Agreement of Association and by these by-laws may be specified by the board of directors or by writing signed by the president, a vice president, or by a majority of the directors or by ten or more members. If such annual meeting is omitted on the day herein provided therefore, a special meeting may be held in place thereof and any business transacted or elections held at such meeting shall have the same effect as if transacted or held at the annual meeting.

Special meetings of the members may be called by the president, a vice-president or by a majority of the directors, and shall be called by the secretary, or in case of the death absence, incapacity or refusal of the secretary, by any other officer, upon written application of ten or more members. Such call shall state the time, place and purpose of the meeting.

A written notice of each meeting of members stating the place, day an hour thereof and the purposes for which the meeting is called, shall be given by the secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting to each member by leaving such notice with him or at his residence or usual place of business, or by mailing it, postage prepaid and addressed to such member at his address as it appears upon the books of the corporation. In case of the death, absence, incapacity or refusal of the secretary, such notice may be given by any other officer or by a person designated either by the secretary or by the person or persons calling the meeting or by the board of directors. No notice of the time, place or purpose of any regular or special meeting of the members shall be required if every member or his attorney, thereunto authorized, by a writing which is filed with the records of the meeting waives such notice.

At any meeting of the members the holders of one-third of the votes of the corporation then entitled to vote, represented at the meeting in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may adjourn any meeting from time to time, and the meeting may be held as adjourned without further notice. When a quorum is present in person or by proxy at any meeting, the affirmative vote of the holders of a majority in interest which is represented at the meeting shall, except where a larger vote is required by law, by the Agreement of the Association or by these by-laws, decide any question brought before such meeting.



A board of not less than seven nor more than fifteen directors shall be chosen by the members at the annual meeting of the members or at the special meeting held in place thereof. The number of directors for each corporate year shall be fixed by vote at the meeting at which they are elected but the members may, at any special meeting held for the purpose during any such year, increase or decrease (within the limits above specified) the number of directors as thus fixed, and elect new directors to complete the number so fixed, or remove directors to reduce the number of directors to the number so fixed. A director must be a member. Subject to law, to the agreement of association and the other provisions of these by-laws, each director shall hold office until the next annual meeting and until his successor is chosen and qualified.

The board of directors shall have and may exercise all the powers of the corporation except such as are conferred upon the members by law, by the agreement of association and by these by-laws.

Meetings of the board of directors shall be held as often as may in its opinion be necessary and shall be called by the secretary at the request of any member or the board. Notice in writing, mailed postage prepaid forty-eight hours before a meeting of the board, addressed to each member thereof at his usual place of business or abode, as appearing on the books of the corporation or delivered to him by hand, shall be sufficient notice of such meeting, but notice of any meeting may be dispensed if each member in writing waives such notice or all are personally present. Provided however, that so long as Norwell Associates, Inc., owns any land or lots shown on the plan referred to in the agreement of association notice of all such meetings shall be mailed postage prepaid forty-eight hours before such meeting addressed to said Company, Box 100, Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts. At any meeting of the board of director a majority in number of the members thereof shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may adjourn any meeting from time to time, and the meeting may be held as adjourned without further notice. When a quorum is present at any meeting, a majority of the members in attendance thereat shall, except where a larger vote is required by law, by the agreement of association or by these by-laws, decide any question brought before such meeting.



The officers shall be a president, a clerk who shall be called secretary, a treasurer, and such other officers as the board of directors ay in their discretion appoint. Officers must be directors. The treasurer and the secretary shall be chosen by ballot at the annual meeting of the members or at the special meeting held in place thereof. The president shall be elected annually by the board of directors after its election by the members. The secretary shall be a resident of Massachusetts. So far as is permitted by law, any two or more offices may be filled by the same person. Subject to law, to the agreement of association and to the other provisions of these by-laws, each officer shall hold office until the next annual meeting (or special meeting in place thereof) of the members and until his successor is chosen and qualified. Each officer shall, subject to these by-laws, have in addition to the duties and powers herein set forth such duties and powers as are commonly incident to his office, and such duties and powers as the board of directors shall from time to time designate.

Notwithstanding any other provision in these by-laws, the original officers shall be chosen by the incorporators and thereafter they shall be elected by the board of directors or members, as specified in these by-laws.



The president shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation. Except as otherwise voted by the board he shall preside at all meetings of the members and of the board of directors at which he is present. The president shall have custody of the treasurer’s bond, if any.

Any vice-president shall have such powers as the board of directors shall from time to time designate.



The secretary shall keep the agreement of association, an attested copy of the articles of organization and articles in amendment of said agreement or of said articles and of these by-laws, with a reference on the margin of these by-laws to all amendments thereof, and a true record of all meetings of members in a book to be kept therefore, which books shall be kept at the principal office of the corporation and shall be open at all reasonable times to the inspection of any member. In the absence of the secretary and an assistant secretary at any such meeting a temporary secretary shall be chosen, who shall record the proceedings of such meeting in the aforesaid book. The secretary and such temporary secretary shall be sworn.

The secretary shall also keep or cause to be kept the membership books of the corporation which shall contain a complete list of all members and their residences at an office of the corporation in the Corporation of Massachusetts for the inspection of the members.

The secretary shall also keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the board of directors and in his absence and in the absence of an assistant secretary from any such meeting a temporary secretary shall be chosen who shall be sworn and shall record the proceedings of such meeting.

If an assistant secretary is chosen he shall be sworn and shall have power in the absence of the secretary to keep records of meetings of members and directors.


The treasurer shall, subject to the direction and under the supervision of the board of directors, have the general charge of the financial concerns of the corporation and the care and custody of the funds and valuable papers of the corporation, except his own bond, if any, and he shall have the power to endorse for deposit or collection all notes, checks, drafts, and other obligations for the payment of money payable to the corporation. He shall keep, or cause to be kept, accurate books of account, which shall be the property of the corporation. If required by the board of directors he shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duty in such form, in such sum and with such sureties as the board of directors shall require.

Any assistant treasurer shall have such powers as the board of directors shall from time to time designate.



If the office of any director or of any officer or agent, one or more, becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, the remaining directors though less than a quorum may, unless such vacancy, if in the office of the treasurer, secretary, or director, shall have been filled by the members, choose by a majority vote of their entire number a successor or successors, who shall hold office for the unexpired term.



Except as the board of directors may generally or in particular cases authorize the execution thereof in some other manner, all deeds, leases, transfers, contracts, bonds, notes, checks, drafts and other obligations made, accepted, or endorsed by the corporation shall be signed by the president and by the treasurer.



Except as from time to time otherwise provided by the board of directors, the fiscal year of the corporation shall end at the close of business on the last day of December in each year.



These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed by a vote of the holders of three-quarters of the votes of the corporation then entitled to vote, acting in person or by their lawfully constituted attorneys, in any annual or special meeting of the members, provided that the notice of such meeting shall state that the alteration, amendment or repeal of the by-laws may be acted upon and provided further that such alteration, amendment or repeal is approved by Norwell Associates, Inc., so long as it owns any land or lots shown on the plan referred to in the Agreement of Association.


The maintenance of stability, permanence, character and marketability of Barque Hill property is a particular advantage offered each Barque Hill home owner by the protective provisions outlined below. To insure that each Barque Hill home owner is adequately protected, the provisions have been incorporated into each property deed.

Summary of Protective Provisions

  1. Only a one family detached dwelling house designed as a year round residence and used as a dwelling for one family will be allowed.
  2. A garage, to house not more than three automobiles, may be constructed as a separate structure or as part of the main dwelling. Commercial vehicles may not be stored on any lot.
  3. Garden structures such as fences or other structures customarily used in connection with single family houses in similar neighborhoods may be constructed provided such structures are approved by the Architectural Design Board.
  4. Carports are not permitted.
  5. No business activities of any nature shall be conducted upon any lot.
  6. All clothesline areas, trash or refuse areas, are to be screened from the street and adjoining lots.
  7. Pets are limited to domestic dogs, cats, birds and fishes.
  8. Loam, sand, or gravel may not be removed from the lot except that required for landscaping or construction on such lot.
  9. All buildings, other structures but not including fences, and septic tank systems, are to be located within an area established fore each lot as shown on the master site plan located in the office of Norwell Associates.
  10. All buildings, sanitary systems, driveways or structures of any kind, or exterior alterations thereto, including fences and television and radio poles or antennas, can not be erected, installed, placed or allowed to stand until the size, plans, specifications, locations, exterior colors, and landscaping have been approved by the Architectural Design Board.

In addition to the foregoing summary of protective deed provisions Norwell Associates desires to have each lot owner abide by the following provisions:

  1. Temporary structures (tents excluded) may be used only for purposes incidental to initial construction of dwelling on any lot and are to be promptly removed at completion of construction.
  2. Storage of any boat, truck or trailer will be permitted only in an enclosed area and out of view of any adjacent lot or street.
  3. Advertising signs or devices will not be permitted on any part of any building or site except that “For Sale” signs may be erected after design of sign has first been approved in writing by the Architectural Design Board.
  4. Weeds, rubbish, debris, objects or material of any kind shall not be placed or permitted to accumulate in any part of any lot, which would render such portion of any lot unsanitary, unsightly, offensive, or detrimental to any property in the vicinity.
  5. All buildings and other structures upon each lot shall at all times be maintained in good condition and repair and well and properly painted.


Prior to construction of any structure at Barque Hill, architectural plans and specifications for such structures must be submitted by the Owner to the Barque Hill Architectural Design Board for approval. The Architectural Design Board is also responsible to the residents of Barque Hill to see that all structures are built in accordance with the plans and specification as approved by the Board. No later than three weeks after submission to the Board of the required plans and specifications, notice will be given to the Owner of the Board’s recommendations. Plans and specifications are to be submitted to the Architectural Design Board in care of Norwell Associates, Inc., Stetson Road , Norwell , Massachusetts . Material for approval may be mailed or submitted in person.

It is suggested that the Owner submit to the Architectural Design Board preliminary plans and specifications for preliminary approval. It should be understood, however, that preliminary approval is only for the convenience of the Owner in proceeding with the Owner’s final plans and specifications.

Owner’s final plans and specifications for construction to be submitted for approval shall include two complete sets of the following:

  1. Plot Plan – scale 1″ = 20′ To show lot lines, building location area, outline and location of all structures including fences, utilities, septic system, and driveway. Areas to be landscaped are to be noted on said plan. A topographic plan with contours at one foot intervals is suggested in order to plan for maximum site utilization.
  2. Floor Plans – scale 1/4″ = 1′ Floor plans for each floor level (including basement and garage) indicating room use.
  3. Elevations – scale ¼” = 1′ Complete elevations for each side of structure showing existing grade, finished grade, and height from highest grade adjacent to structure to roof ridge.
  4. Outline Specifications To include materials and color of exterior finishes; extent and type of landscaping.
  5. Owner Information Owner information will be in accordance with the form found on page 17. Three copies of the Owner Information Form are to accompany plans and specifications submitted for approval. Additional forms may be obtained from Norwell Associates, Inc. at their Barque Hill office.

Upon approval of the foregoing information, the Board will return one set of supplied plans and specifications marked “Approved” in a space provided in the lower left hand corner of each drawing, which will also note date of such approval. Any changes to the approved plans and specifications, or field construction modifications that will change the location and/or exterior appearance of the structure must first have approval of the Architectural Design Board.

During and/or after construction the Architectural Design Board will make such necessary visits to the construction site to satisfy itself that the construction then in place is not at variance with the approved plans and specifications. Upon notice of any discrepancy between the approved plans and specifications and the actual construction, the Architectural Design Board will notify the Owner of such discrepancy which must then either be approved by the Architectural Design Board or immediately corrected.


  1. Construction of any structure to be in accordance with appropriate public laws, ordinances, and regulations.
  2. Construction of any structure is to be limited to one single family detached dwelling, one garage adapted for the storage of not more than three automobiles, suitable garden structures, fences and other structures as may be used in similar neighborhoods.


  1. It is desired that all structures be sited to take advantage of the natural landscape. All structures, including septic tank systems, are to be located within the established building area for each lot as shown on the master site plan on file in the office of Norwell Associates.
  2. Changing of existing topography (grades) is to be held to a minimum. Any banks that result from cutting or filling are to be properly landscaped to avoid erosion.
  3. Structures are to be so located so as not to unreasonably obstruct or interfere with the view of other lots or that exceed tow stories in height or a total of 35 feet from the highest ground next to the foundations as measured by the roof ridge.
  4. All utilities, such as electric and telephone, to be located underground from lot line to entrance into structure.
  5. Service yards or service areas and clothesline areas on any lot are to be enclosed or screened in such a manner that such yards or areas will be obstructed from view from any adjacent lot or street.
  6. Removal of trees is to be limited to the removal of those necessary to allow for the actual construction of driveways, structures and septic tank systems.
  7. Construction of sewage disposal systems shall be in accordance with the Town of Norwell Board of Health regulation as follows:

    The minimum effective capacity of septic tanks shall be determined from the following:

    No. of BedroomsTank Capacity in Gals.

    1-2 600

    3-4 750

    5-6 1,000

    In addition, a separate disposal system for clothes washers, garbage disposal units, or dishwashers is required; this system shall consist of a 6′ x 6′ dry well or cesspool, or a septic tank of 500 gallon capacity, each with a minimum of 100 square feet of leeching area.

  8. R.F.D. mail boxes are to be installed in accordance with U.S. Post Office Department regulations.


  1. It is intended that no two houses will be alike. Exterior design is to reflect the design tradition or be compatible with the design tradition of the Norwell area.
  2. Outbuildings or garages erected or maintained upon any lot shall conform generally in architectural design and exterior material to the finish of the dwelling house to which they are pertinent and may be, but need not be, attached to said dwellings. No carports will be permitted.
  3. Minimum livable ground floor area of all residential buildings constructed or erected on any lot shall be not less than 1,200 square feet; cellars, basements, patios, porches, and garages are specifically excluded from inclusion in minimum livable ground floor areas.
  4. All roofs are to have at least two slopes with a minimum slope length of not less than ten feet; roof pitch (slope) shall not be less than 3 vertical inches fore every 12 horizontal inches.
  5. No outside television or radio pole or antenna shall be constructed, erected, or maintained on any structure or on any lot so as to be visible from the street.
  6. Each single family dwelling is to have at least on kitchen sink-type mechanical garbage disposal system.
  7. Gas and electric utility meters attached to the exterior surface of any structure are to be screened from view as seen from the street.
  8. Color of exteriors, including fences and other exterior structures shall not be garish or attract undue attention. Color of all exterior finish is to be approved by the Architectural Design Board.
  9. Exterior ornamentation either on or off the structure should be limited to that style that is customary with the architectural character of the structure.
  10. Fences or other detached structures (except garages) are not to exceed six feet in height.
  11. Construction of any single family dwelling is to be completed within one year starting of foundation excavation.
  12. Landscaping as indicated on the approved site plan must be started within six months after occupancy of structure and be basically completed within one year of occupancy.
  13. No signs shall be displayed except for a residential nameplate giving the name of occupant; such nameplate shall not exceed a dimension of 18″ x 6,” and if detached from the principal structure, to be not more than two feet high above the ground.
  14. The Architectural Design Board may allow reasonable variances and adjustments to the Standards for Approval. Such variances and adjustments, however, shall not be effective unless they are in written form and duly approved by the Architectural Design Board. Furthermore, such variances and adjustments shall be in keeping with the general plan for development, improvement, maintenance and protection of all property at Barque Hill.

    The failure by the Architectural Design Board or any person to enforce any of the foregoing Standards to which said property and/or structures are subject shall in no event be deemed a waiver of the right to do so thereafter.


The following may be subject to change for which Norwell Associates, Inc. is not responsible.


General Information – Tel: 659-2211

Treasurer – Elizabeth J. Power – Tel: 659-2851

Town Clerk – Nellie Sparrell – Tel: 659-2541

Building Inspector – Charles E. White – Tel: 659-2551

Selectmen – G. Herbert Repass, Earle F. Allen, Charles H. Whiting

Board of Health – Katherine Fuller, Chairman – Tel: 659-2211

Board of Appeals – Stanley H. Richards, Chairman – Tel: 659-2211
Assessors – Stanley Baker, Chairman – Tel: 659-4411


Annual Town Meeting held second Monday in March in High School Auditorium, Main Street. See above contacts for other Board Meetings.


Brockton Edison Company: Electric Service Department – Tel: TR 8-0410 Ext. 230
Brockton-Taunton Gas Company: House Heating – JU 6-0143 Ext. 281
New England Telephone & Telegraph: New Installation – TR 8-9911



Building permit from Inspector of Buildings at Town Hall; submit with one set of plans and plot plan showing house location. Fee – $2.00 per thousand or portion thereof, up to $10,000 and $1.00 per thousand or portion thereof, above $10,000. Minimum fee, $5.00; maximum fee, $500.

Permit from Inspector of Wires. Fees as set forth on application payable to Town of Norwell.

Permit for Sewage Disposal System from Board of Health. Apply at Town Hall. Permit fee, $3.00, payable to Town of Norwell.

Permit for plumbing required from Plumbing Inspector. Minimum fee, $3.00. Rate per fixture, $1.00 up to and including 10 fixtures, and 50¢ per each additional fixture.

Permit with plan required from Gas Inspector. Fee presently not required.


Town Dump open daily, located on Pine Street, under direction of Board of Health. Open Burning approval must be obtained from the Fire Department although written permit not issued.


Police, Fire, Ambulance service, Visitng Nurse, Doctor, Civil Defense Tel: 659-2211


1963 Tax rate is $60.00 per thousand, assessed at 50% of the fair market value.


South Shore Medical Center, Route 3, Norwell (Tel: 878-5200). Not requiring hospitalization. South Shore Hospital, in Weymouth, within 12 mile radius (Tel: ED 5-1310).


No public nursery or kindergarten school. Private, pre-school groups located in Town. Elementary (1-5): Norwell Elementary on Main Street; Grace Farrar Cole at Ridge Hill. Junior High School (6-8) and Norwell High School located on Main Street.

Adult Education evening courses offered for a small fee.

1963 Fall Opening date, first Thursday after Labor Day.


The James Library in Norwell Center and the William J. Leonard Memorial Library, which adjoins the Assinippi Fire Station, located on Route 3.


Norwell Center from Barque Hill, 3 Miles. General Shopping. Route 3 and Route 139 from Barque Hill, 1 mile. Local multi-purpose shopping facilities. South Shore Plaza, Braintree, off Route 128. Major regional shopping center.


Norwell Center, Route 123. R.F.D. service available.


Private, not by town, collection available by Norwell Disposal Service (Tel: TA 6-2513). Fee, 75¢ per pick-up (2 trash cans, 1 garbage can).


GAFFIELD PARK, located River & Forest Streets. Fire place, swings, benches, sliding in winter.
ORGANIZATIONS for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts, Little League, Garden Club, Women’s Club, and others.
Coast Guard (Tel: TE 4-4601) for general information on tides, boats.

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