Conservation Land

In 1983 the Barque Hill Association granted to the town of Norwell a conservation restriction on 6 parcels of land, totalling 60 acres. Placing this land in conservation helps protect the natural and watershed resources of the town. The Association continues to own this land, but its use and maintenance are subject to strict restrictions in order to retain it “predominantly in its natural, scenic, and open condition.” In consideration, Barque Hill Association members can continue to enjoy the rural and natural character of the area, while paying property taxes on these parcels at a reduced rate of 25%.

There are 6 parcels of land that have been set aside. With the exception of the 33-acre conservation area of marshland along the river, they can be identified by the split rail fences where they meet Barque Hill Drive, Till Rock Lane, and Brigantine Circle. Conservation land is outlined in green on the area map.

The center strip of Barque Hill Drive is maintained by the association, but is not conservation land.

The restrictions are summarized below. Click here for the complete set of documents.

Summary of the Conservation Restrictions

On July 11, 1983, Barque Hill Association granted without covenants to the Town of Norwell a conservation restriction on 6 parcels of land.


  1. No building, sign, outdoor display, etc. or other temporary or permanent structure will be permitted, except as provided in Paragraph 5.
  2. No soil, sand, rock, refuse, trash, debris or other unsightly or offensive material will be dumped on the Premises.
  3. No soil, gravel, sand, rock or other mineral resource shall be removed from the Premises in such a manner as to affect the surface.
  4. No trees, grass or other vegetation shall be cut or destroyed except as provided in Paragraph 5.
  5. Barque Hill Association may conduct or permit the following activities:

    Cultivation and harvesting of crops, flowers, hay and shellfish; planting of trees and shrubs and mowing of grass; construction and maintenance of fences, installation and maintenance of underground utilities and utility poles.

The foregoing restrictions are intended to retain the Premises predominantly in their natural, scenic and open condition in order to protect the natural and watershed resources of the Town.

The conservation restriction does not grant either the Town or public any right to enter the Premises except for inspection and enforcement of the restrictions.

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