Barque Hill Common

Barque Hill Common is a 4.36 acre park, which extends from Barque Hill drive through to Till Rock Lane. The entrance on Till Rock Lane is at the very top of the hill, on the right side if you are heading up the hill from Stetson Road. It is a lovely wooded park.

In the 1700’s most of the area that makes up our neighborhood was much more open, with clear views of the river from the top of what is now Till Rock Lane and Brigantine Circle. Barque Hill Common was an open field, and may have been the mustering ground on which Captain Thomas Church trained his troops during the Revolutionary War. He was a grandson of Nathaniel Church 3rd, and lived in Rose Cottage during that time. The Norwell Historical Society’s “Historic Homes of Norwell” states that he “trained his soldiers in the field north of the house.” If anyone has any additional information on this subject, it would be welcome. Please send an email to the webmaster.

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